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I’m Nirav.

As standout brands like WeWork, Athletic Greens, and Rothy’s were taking on some of their largest growth periods, I was right there with them, serving as their CTO. 

These days, I serve as an advisor to inspiring entrepreneurs and enterprise CEOs, and I’m also the founder of the premier eCommerce technology partner, Anatta. 

At Anatta, my team and I have supported more than 100+ fast-growing direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands like Dollar Shave Club, True Botanicals, and Brunt Workwear to scale their technology, take on more ambitious product roadmaps, and position themselves as industry leaders in their category. 

In my downtime, I’m a DJ who loves spinning R&B and jazz and a proud husband and new father based in Austin, TX.


Signature Topics

All things DTC eCommerce. Nirav takes a high-level view of how the industry is changing and brings those insights straight to your brand.

DTC in 2024 — It’s Not the Same Business Anymore

Now more than ever, brands must distinguish between outdated growth hacks and strategies that create a foundation for long-term success.

Dive into the full picture of where DTC is today, as Nirav helps you uncover how to empower your business for 2024 and beyond.

Subscription Offers: How to Drive LTV instead of Churn

Speaking from his experiences building subscription stacks for Athletic Greens, Four Sigmatic, and True Botanicals, Nirav illuminates the key differences between a churn-driving machine and a subscription program that drives strong LTV.

Enterprise Tech Stacks: What Should They Include?

Headless builds, composable commerce, and Shopify Plus… Today, the right technology is critical for innovation speed and growth. But what works for one business may not work for another.

Nirav clarifies where Tech and eCommerce intersect to help you understand what tech is right depending on your unique situation.

Conversion Rate Optimization Programs: What Everyone Gets Wrong

You can’t optimize your way out of a bad user experience. And most CRO programs don’t pay for themselves.

Nirav roots out where CRO programs often go wrong so your business can build an optimization program that delivers powerful results.

The Acquisition Conundrum: How to Ground Skyrocketing CACs & Better Ways to Scale

Should customer acquisition be your sole priority in 2024? Or is it time to prioritize LTV? Uncover better ways to scale your business and how you can mitigate ever-growing CACs from Nirav’s expert perspective informed by his more than 15-year career in DTC.

Opportunities for Growth & Expansion: International, B2B, Omnichannel, & More

Pure-play DTC has a ceiling. If you want to continue growing as a brand, you'll need to step into other channels. And do so thoughtfully.

Through a forward-looking lens, Nirav will highlight the best channels and opportunities for growth today -- while also keeping a strong focus on the opportunities of tomorrow.

And Other Trending Topics Paramount to Success in a Fast-Changing DTC

From the hasty adoption of AI tools to the growing influx of new competition, success in DTC today takes a little flexibility and a healthy dose of skepticism. 

After attending Nirav’s discussion, you’ll walk away with a clear perspective on trending DTC topics so you can discern between overhyped tactics and thoughtful strategies that work.

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Podcasts & Events featuring Nirav

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Hey, I’m Nirav. CEO at Anatta.

Since 2008, I've been at the forefront of DTC eCommerce, partnering with brands like Athletic Greens, buybuy BABY, and Dollar Shave Club on their journey to scale. During that time I've learned a lot. Now, I'm bringing all of those learnings to your Event or Conference to help your audience members grow their businesses.

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